Chasing the Light


Chasing the

The 2008 Melges
24 North American Championship
is shaping up to be a true battle
of the titans. The boats ,may be a hell of a lot smaller than TP52s
or IACCs, but the competition is “as tough as anything I’ve seen,”
according to one America’s Cup and Volvo veteran. Unsurprisingly, the
biggest “golden boy” of them all is shining at the top of
this heap – Terry Hutchinson now sits with a seven point lead
over Olympian Gabrio Zandona on Joe Fly, with Chris “Opie”
Larson just behind. That means locals in third and first place, with
good reason; massive shifts and puffs all day. We saw boats on opposite
tacks just 100 yards separated on the same course. Auto tacks, huge
leads, and boats going from second to seventeenth in one leg –
it was truly mayhem.