Those Damn Rules!


Those Damn

Boy do we hate rules. Almost any rules, but the sailing rules
are a particular pain in the ass, not so much that they are super hard
to understand, but it is more knowing exactly what rule applies in exactly
what situation. Not to mention the clowns who feel it is their obligation
to abuse them and over-use them. But that is a reality of the sport
and the best thing one can do is to know them – what they really mean,
when to use them and knowing what to do in those inevitable tight situations.
Better to know them well – is there anything worse than getting chucked?

We have a new feature here at SA – "Ask the Rules Guy" with
rules expert Bryan Willis and here’s the deal: Bryan has agreed to answer
your rules questions, whatever they might be. So send
’em in
and we’ll publish the Q and A’s right here on the front page.
This might be one of our best features, but it won’t be unless y’all
make it happen! Bryan’s new book, The Racing Rules Companion 2009-2012 will be available next month and we’ll try to have an anarchist’s special