Media Men


Media Men

much are these guys getting paid?” asks
Anarchist Swimsailor
and decides. “Whatever it is, it’s
too much! The photos are too few and the videos? What the hell, all
the fuss about how great the coverage was going to be and this is what
they do?

Doesn’t fit with Ericsson 4 pit man Dave Endean’s comment
today “You all get to see the footage of these Volvo 70’s surfing
down waves at break-neck speeds and ploughing their way through the
ocean to their next port of call.”

Right Dave, you think we’re seeing all this exciting footage,
so your media man must be earning his screw and filming this stuff,
but let’s get things straight – Anarchists aren’t seeing
it! We’ve checked out the Ericsson
at BYM too and there’s some stuff there, but a video
of Neptune calling is scarcely breathtaking. In fact this pic from Ericsson
3 is about the most exciting shot in it. So what gives? Where is all
that gripping break neck speed stuff? We know you’ve got it – now give