Moving Forward?


Moving Forward?

Kiwi Commonsense
Team New Zealand has done what Alinghi wanted and dropped its law suits.
Capitulation? Maybe. Hell, probably, but the Kiwis have dumped legal
battles that they had almost zero chance of winning, got Alinghi into
the LVPS, defused the possibility of getting sued for holding an unauthorised
event in AC boats and being shut out of AC33. That can only be good.
Right? The deal is that Alinghi will enter the LVPS as soon as it is
confirmed that the law suits are off.

CNEV Regatta

no mistake, however much you hate the AmCup present Challenger of Record,
this will be quite an event. Last year’s Trofeo Desafio Español
was met with enthusiasm from the substantial entry and this one is going
to be even better, with the added attraction of America’s Cup
boats in action.

TeamOrigin has confirmed its entry, thanks to the loan of Desafío
Español’s ESP88, currently being reassembled by shore teams
from the Spanish challenger and Alinghi. Other teams tipped to take
part are Shosholza, Luna Rossa, UITG and one other that is yet to be