Just 4 Fun

4 Fun

many "serious" races sometimes stray away from fun. Sure, the
competition is great and the racing intense, but the fun factor t isn’t
always there. And maybe if you do enough of these, they start to lose
their flavor. So a guy named Casey Schnoor at SDYC here in Dago started
a series called Just
4 Fun
last year and whaddaya know, they are fun. We’ve raced Anarchy
in a couple of them with the family and friends and just have a great
time. Sunday’s race was a Halloween theme (hence your Ed’s grass skirt.
You believe me, right?) and my ten year old drove the first leg before
he and his brother decided that down below was more fun. No official start,
no official finish, a good family type of party, lots of prizes and a
really good time had by all. Good job Schnoor! Photo
by Kimberly.