Action Jackson


Action Jackson

Ken Read from PUMA wrote something for the readers of SA. Enjoy.

For our anarchist friends – a quick update from The Monster.

Hello to all, and I am sure the VOR forums are burning up with speculation
on who is fast and who is smart and who is slow and who should have
their head checked at the door. Well, here is a quick view from the
action. And I am sure you have heard, action it is.

I believe we have been in sight of at least one other Volvo 70 for
90% of the race so far. Two reasons for that. One, these boats are all
similar concepts as everyone went to school on ABN 1 from the last race.
Two, we are getting position reports every 3 hours so no one can really
break away very effectively. As I write, E4 is about three miles in
front of us in first (within sight as always), we are second, Dragons
are about 14 miles back but well to leeward (in a pretty reasonable
spot) in third, and Tele Black are fourth about 25 miles back right
on our transom. We are diving south around this split high pressure
center and are about to get the fans turned on for about 4 days when
we hook into a low forming off the coast of Rio. We haven’t headed for
Cape Town yet this leg. It’s about time.