A Quantum Success


A Quantum

Sure, we’ve been publishing all these reports from Terry Hutchinson,
but look where it ends – a win at the TP 52 Worlds. It can’t be easy
– just ask Paul Cayard how tough it is – see lower this page for more
on that. Here is Hutch’s final report.

Greetings from Heathrow……

and done was the goal for yesterday’s first race on board the
Quantum racing. In the morning briefing it was not spoken but for sure
it was on everybody’s mind. As always we spoke at length about
continuing to focus on our process aboard and let the results take care
of itself. Well the plan worked but it was not without some nerve wracking

Race 10 started in ideal conditions for Quantum. 20 knots of breeze,
shifty, and flat water. Course axis was 10 and the guys were stronger
then ever about the left side being favored but it was going to be about
surviving the first 5 minutes of the 2 mile beat as early right off
the line was good. As we approached for the start of this one our plan
was a simple mid line start and ignore Mutua Madrilena as there was
no reason to tangle. The first scare came when about 5 lengths from
the line it was apparent the line was on the move. For the first time
in the series the RC laid a pin and while the conditions were incredibly
difficult all week to keep things from moving it felt onboard that the
line had dragged. Either way the call from both Jero on the bow and
Robert with the computer was be careful about being OCS. One of those
items that we discussed would be a show stopper. At this point we parked
up with about 30 seconds to go and the fleet engulfed us to windward
and leeward. At 10 seconds the call from Robert was you are on or over
and need to dip, Jero confirmed and a big bare away followed. At the
gun the guys hauled the sails in for the turn up. A safe sling shot
start as the list of OCS were called three boats immediately to windward
and Mutua Madrilena. I must say I grinned…..