All Change


All Change
really notable thing about this Volvo Ocean Race is the closeness of
the racing, with the leading boats often in sight of each other. It
still looks like anyone’s game, as the lead swops with almost
every position announcement, 5 boats have led the race since the fleet
passed the scoring gate and even the first generation VO70 Delta Lloyd
had broken from the back of the pack, by Saturday evening, and tagged
on to the leading bunch, though it did lose ground again on Sunday.

Things could change soon though, for the leaders are beginning to turn
the corner and head for Capetown and, just ahead of them, there are
two lows along the route, packing some nasty weather. Ericsson 4 media
man, Guy Salter, said “In the old Volvo 60s, 40 kts would be towards
upper end of racing mode, in these boats 40kts is a lot more like survival
mode. It will be bumpy, wet and bloody uncomfortable, but hopefully

It will be a while before Team Russia, currently trailing the leader
by almost 200 miles, heads for the Cape, but they would certainly get
the media award if there was one, for plenty of stories and great pix
from the boat, like this one by Mark Covell. More pix from Mark here.