Money Time


Money Time

Hutchinson is crafting a very impressive TP Worlds and with a 1, 3 today
they have a 15 point lead going into tomorrow’s finale. Here’s Hutch’s
report from today. Photo from Max

Greetings from Porto Calero…..Well the stress of the coastal races
were behind us today and we got back to our comfort zone so to speak;
windward leeward racing. The conditions as predicted were tricky with
big shifts ranging between 350 and 30 degrees. With only 8 points separating
us and Mutua Madrilena it was really too close to focus on anything
else other then ourselves. We always speak as a team that if we sail
to our potential and get beaten then somebody was better on the day
and good on em’.

However today was a good day for the Quantum Racing. We went 1,3 on
the day to Mutua Madrilène’s 6,5. This leaves us with 2 races
to go and a 15 point lead. It is a good spot for sure but I will breath
easy and relax when we get through tomorrow. Until then the team will
remain focused and continue to prepare with business as usual.