Virgin Money/Speedboat Transatlantic speed record attempt is over. Richard
Branson said: “We’ve just experienced a night from hell
when Virgin Money was struck by a massive wave from behind – washing
one of our life rafts over board, damaging the spinnaker and devastatingly
tearing a massive hole in our mainsail. Luckily all of the crew were
harnessed in and no one was swept overboard, which is all that matters
at the end of the day." They decided to throw in the towel and
are currently sailing through the Bermuda triangle on way to St George,
Bermuda (ETA Bermuda 9pm GMT).

Branson continued: “The last two days have felt like a lifetime,
we knew when we set out this late in the season that we were going to
be faced with some horrific weather conditions but none of us could
have predicted the huge storm systems – at times between gale
force 7 – 9, seeing swells up to 40ft – that we have been
bombarded with. We have pushed Virgin Money to its limits – I
now fear over her limits."

Nobody could have predicted the storm? Really? We’re pretty sure they
were predicted almost exactly. And didn’t we question the timing here
just as they started? Look we’re sorry that they had to pull the plug,
but they fully well knew what they were getting into and as sometimes
happens, the ocean won. More pre-drop out pics here.