On It



We’re digging these reports from Terry Hutchinson who is sailing
Quantum Racing and currently leading the TP 52 Worlds. Not exactly a
tell all, but a good overview of what’s going on onboard. Enjoy. Oh
and thanks very much to Max
for sending us these superb shots.

couple exciting days……During these events the schedule calls for
two days of coastal racing one 30 miler and another 50 miler. For us
aboard the Quantum Racing we always look at these as survival days as
really the passing lanes are few and far between once the pecking order
is established. So are focus is very much about damage control.

Yesterdays race was a mix bag, started poorly literally after I pooched
the start and ended strong with Quantum Racing crossing the line second
behind Artemis. Mutua Madrilena who went into the day finished 9th but
the race is scored with a 1.25 multiplier so that allowed the Quantum
Racing to slip into the lead. Within this race though there were several
highs. The boat handling onboard was really good, nothing fancy but
consistent. Morgan, Mark, and Robert Hopkins who is filling in for Ian
Moore did a great job. Robert has slipped straight into the Quantum
team and regardless of the outcome of our event has been a welcomed
addition. But these guys did great work of getting us back up towards
the front as I said there was plenty of work to do after a less then
desirable start. Through the day we battle with Desafio, Bribon, and
Platoon. By the end though we were quite fast upwind and were able to
slip past both Desafio and Bribon on the 8 mile beat home. A welcome
relief to come 2nd but as always plenty of work to do….