Angle In


Angle In

We get all kinds of questions for our Ask
series, and sailmaker Harry Pattison from Elliott/Pattison
takes the time to answer this one.

a couple of years ago, I started cruising the Adriatic in a Wayfarer
dinghy. I noticed that with the jib up (in stronger winds), my beating
angle is considerably wider than with the genoa in lighter winds. This
is not noticeable just "post festum" by analyzing the GPS
recording, but also immediately at sea. I don’t understand why this
is happening, since I am steering by foresail tell tales in both cases…
I would appreciate if you could explain this, and if possible suggest
if there is anything that I can do to improve the performance… Perhaps
move the jib closer to the mast?

A: Generally a boat will point
higher in heavier air because as the true wind speed increases relative
to boat speed the apparent wind angle is further aft. There are several
factors that could be causing your pointing problems that you should