Storm Chasing



can’t quite figure this Virgin record attempt. Mike Sanderson, Skipper
of Virgin Money and Team Director of TeamOrigin said, just before they
set off: “As always it has been difficult finding a suitable weather
window in which to begin the record attempt. Forecasters are predicting
the mother of all storm systems, with two storms converging and winds
of up to 50 knots. Virgin Money is a very innovative, fast, state-of-the-art
yacht and given the right conditions we are confident we could beat the
current record we set on Mari Cha IV in 2003 and have a great time with
Sir Richard and his family.”

What puzzles us is how you break a record by setting out to find a couple
of storms, with 50 knot winds and attended seas that will force any yacht
to reduce canvas and slow down at the very least. Who knows what they
might break. Make sense or not? Some more comments here and the pix are here.
This pic by Jeffrey Vock