I promised a few Anarchists that I’d sit down and reflect on the trials
and tribulations of being a traveling sailing journalist for a country
whose general public has…let’s just say “limited” perspectives
on what sailing is (present company excluded, of course). Thus far,
this American girl’s quest to follow the VOR has been a lesson in just
how unglamorous it can be to live a life true to one’s own personal

It strikes me as funny how the idea of bumming around Europe seems
as romantic as the languages that I’m trying to learn. The reality –
well, let’s just say is is far from romantic, unless money is no object.
In the real world, living one’s dream tends to entail some sacrifice
and stress, and one can only hope that those factors are outweighed
by the rewards of making a dream reality.

The above sacrifices may include, but are not limited to, the

  • Wandering around foreign cities looking for a place to sleep
  • Learning just how inadequate an American freelancer’s budget might
  • Giving up food to ensure enough money to prevent a night wandering
    around without a bed -Living on 38 Euro/day (52$)
  • Digging deep for an extra 8 Euro for a lock on the door
  • Struggling through unfamiliar languages and sketchy situations