Fix It



The way a PHRF fleet is supposed

Last week we ran a story about the sad state of PHRF in San Diego, (PHRF
Chumps, er, Champs
) as evidenced by the pathetic turnout for
their championship regatta (11 boats in 5 classes). A lot of you weighed
in on the topic and here is what one area in the country has done about

We have also had our fair share of problems with PHRF (NW and BC) but
we did something about it! For the last five years we have been using
ORC Club to rate Divisions 1 and 2 in the Vancouver Area Racing Councils
(VARC) 16 Regatta Series. Divisions 1 and 2 are made up of boats like:
Mumm 30s, Mumm 36, J105s, J109s, J35s, J36s, J37, J39, Mount 30, Dash
34s ILC 40, Grand Surprise 30, Aerodyne 38, Flying Tiger ect. These
are the types of boats PHRF struggles with.