Daniel Forster is sailing on Moneypenny and providing a first hand view
of what it’s like in this year’s Rolex Middle Sea Race.
One thing’s for sure; it’s very different from last year.
Forster was on hand to capture the moment when Moneypenny, which had
been leading, parked up early this morning and had to watch Alegre creeping
up on them, only to park right beside them! It was at one of the course’s
many beauty spots, with the volcano Etna overlooking the scene, but
we doubt if either crew noticed. They would have been focused on Rosebud,
which had been in third place, but was positioned further offshore,
never stopped moving and effectively sailed round the other two yachts.

Things changed though and Rosebud (USA), Moneypenny (USA) and Alegre
(GBR) were pretty much locked together by evening, with the much smaller
Ran (GBR) just 4.5 nm behind them. 77 yachts are taking part in this
edition, representing no less that twenty nationalities. There are more
pictures here and the full story is here.