Lady in Waiting

in Waiting

Yannick Bestaven’s Aquarelle.com (Yves Parlier’s old boat) getting ready
for the Vendee
which gets under way Nov. 9. Yannick Bestaven has a pedigree
of Mini Transatlantic races, sailed with the best, Yves Parlier, Ellen
MacArthur and has overcome project threatening last minute sponsorship
bailouts, to get his project to the starting line for the Vendee Globe.
He wants to finish in the top ten, out of the thirty boats. His boat,
a Finot-Conq design, built for Yves Parlier, is one of the lightest, yet
oldest boats to participate in this race around the world. We talked to
both Yves and Yannick:

Yves Parlier (by phone) – "We worked together to get the
boat to conform to the current IMOCA rules especially in terms of self
righting and of course we went out on some of the first sailing trials.
I think because it is one of the lightest boats, it will have certain

Yannick (quote)– "Our goals, to finish the race, in the
top ten, which I think is possible, but also to validate certain renewable
energy systems on board, which we have spent a great deal of effort
to develop.

In particular, we have a hydro-generating system (turbine), solar panels,
and windmill systems which would eliminate the need to start up the obligatory
engine." This photo is from Lyn Hines who will be providing some
coverage of the event for us. Lots of action already with Hugo
Boss getting hit
and dismasted by a fishing boat, of all things. Bad