Stir It Up


It Up

Not sure how popular the Volvo Ocean Race is in the USA, but with Puma
showing great performance, it might finally get a bit more attention
from the big American public. I know at SA everybody will be right into
it, and can imagine how the forums are speaking about us. Fair enough
to get a flagging, after a first week of too many mishaps. But I see
opportunities ahead, now with the doldrums coming up. We were not able
to hang in the running conditions, because our A2 has given up on us.
It was a long run from the Canary Islands to the Cape Verdes, to sail
only with a fractional kite was a bit, no better said, very frustrating.
There actually hasen’t been a lot exciting since we left Gibraltar,
sailing can be sometimes a bit boring, when you have similar conditions
for several days. Maybe SA should contact the Volvo organisation
and offer that your website should be forwarded daily to us, so we know
what is going in the sailing world.

I think that Rolex Middle Sea Race has started and one of our stand-in
crew members are sailing there, things like that interest us always.
So far nobody has spoken about politics or about the crash of the stock
market – it does seem there are not many shareholders on this puppy,
but maybe in the lighter air this will come up. I always love to hear
people opinions, and like to stir the pot. Over and out from Telefonica
Blue, who is currently sailing 18 knots in 14 knots of wind, not bad


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