Justice for Hall

for Hall

By Peter Huston

final race of the U.S. Windsurfing Olympic Trials in October of 2007
should have decided whether Farrah Hall or Nancy Rios would compete
in the 2008 Olympics. As it turns out the jury decided the winner of
the trials based on a 4 inch slice in a sail. After the final race,
the number two ranked competitor, Nancy Rios, filed for redress because
of an incident and collision that happened moments after the start.
Monica Wilson, on port tack collided with Hall and then Rios, slowed
both for a short time. A third competitor fell into the water, avoiding
the pile-up. Rios claimed the collision caused an 8-10 inch tear in
her sail that prevented her from “properly sailing for the rest
of the race”. The resulting decision from the redress was made
without consideration for the ISAF judge’s manual for the standards
of granting redress.