load of people are moaning about nobody doing anything to get kids hooked
on sail racing, so the annual Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta deserves
a plug. 318 college dinghy sailors got a chance to sail in a borrowed
boat fleet and it wasn’t just the kids that had a great time.
One first time boat lender owner summarized “I had a great time;
I liked all the kids on my team. There were some good sailors, but they
were all skippers and had never raced together as a team.” Full
story here.This
pic from Howie McMichael. More here.

40 Boys
Let’s not forget that 40 footers are racing around the
world AND are going to tackle the southern ocean, unlike the Volvo.
The Chilean team of José Muñoz and Felipe Cubillos aboard
Desafio Cabo de Hornos chose a conservative approach to the Canaries,
opting to sail between Gran Canaria and Feurteventura. The gap between
islands is wider and Feurteventura is nowhere near as mountainous as
the other two islands meaning that the funnel effect was less dramatic.
Their tactic seemed to pay dividends and Cubillos and Muñoz opened
up a nine mile lead on their closest rivals Boris Herrmann and Felix
Oehme on Beluga Racer. The leading solo skipper, Michel Kleinjans is
following the Chileans while Boris and Felix opted, typically, to take
a gamble that lady luck would give them a boost between Gran Canaria
and Tenerife. In the end there was no gain nor loss and the tight battle
among Desafio Cabo de Hornos, Beluga Racer and Roaring Fortiese continues.Full
story here.