Trust No One

No One

We suspect most of you have heard about the heartless murder
of the Newport Beach sailing couple Tom and Jackie Hawks, who were tied
to an anchor and thrown overboard from their own boat. No need to say
that the murderer, Skylar Deleon, deserves an equally if not more horrible
death, and reading the testimony as to how this actually happened will
make you feel the same.

With his hands bound behind his back and eyes covered in tape,
Tom Hawks seemed to realize that certain death awaited him and his wife,
Jackie, if he didn’t act quickly. So he mustered all the force he could
and delivered a blow with his foot that sent one of his three attackers
reeling into a deck chair. It would be the last act of heroism for a
man who made a living in law enforcement. Within moments, an anchor
was dragging the Arizona couple into the ocean. Read the entire