Flat Stanley



you’d expect, the 2008 US Sailboat Show in Annapolis was pretty flat –
a good thing, since we had Flat
along for a photo shoot. Aside from a few buzz-producing products
and events, the mood of both showgoers and exhibitors was dark, and you
were as likely to hear browsers talking about the 600+ point drop in the
Dow as you were expressions of interest in a new ride. It wasn’t as bad
as the US Powerboat Show will be next week in the same spot, but the marine
industry is certainly tightening its belt. Still, there was enough cool
stuff to keep our interest for two days, and we spent Thursday night at
the East Coast premiere of Morning Light – a welcome treat.

As usual, there were far more exhibits to pass than to stop at –
thank god the organizers put almost everything interesting in one corner
of the marina. That corner housed the Viper 640, The Melges boats, the
Santa Cruz 37, the new Series Mini, the US-built M650, the Open 5.70
and sexy carbon 6.50, and just a few spots away was the Andrews 28.
There were a few more interesting boats scattered around, but the remainder
of the show was a never-ending sea of floating condos in both mono and
multihull forms.