Salk’s Cure



As a result of the Arbitration loss by US Sailing in the Natalie Salk
matter, US Sailing is finally undertaking a review of their Bylaws as
it pertains to compliance with the USOC Byalws, the Stevens Act and US
Sailing Bylaws.

Too bad it took this sort of humilation for US Sailing to finally get
off their high horse and play by a consistent set of procedural standards,
which are generally in place already anyway. A bigger question remains
about what is going to be done about Judges that have not played by the
procedural rules to date. Why is there no suggestion of setting up a judicial
review board here?

Why was US Sailing allowed to put youth sailors through the ringer, with
no consequences to anyone who abused the process? And when is US Sailing
going to issue a formal apology to Natalie Salk on their website?