Chine On



Flying Tiger designer Bob Perry talks about why he included chines
in the new Flying Tiger 7.5, from our Flying
Tiger forum

wanted hull form for stability and extended sailing length so I pulled
volume down and out towards the bilges. Without a chine this would have
meant more "meat" carried up into the topsides. I don’t need
or want it there. I want the meat right where the boat will ride, heeled
over with moderate heel angles. At high speeds I want the water to break
away from the chine and exit the boat cleanly giving me all the benefits
of the additional sailing length and flat buttocks without picking up
more drag as the water just wraps up the topsides doing no "work".
In a perfect world, under most conditions the hull above the chine would
not be in the water, in a prefect world. For the chines to work the
boat has to be a light boat with a big rig. I think. In the end, without
a huge budget for tank testing you have to rely upon intuition based
upon experience.