Chasing the Dragon


the Dragon

We’re happy to see the little team that could, Green
, out in front of the VOR fleet, no matter how temporarily. Oh and Bouwe and the boys on Telefonica
Blue above are making a nice move after their pit stop. Telefonica team
photographer Marian Muina was on hand to take pictures, as Bouwe had the
entire crew working flat out to keep the boat flat out as it chased the

But, is it us or is this race missing something? Granted, it is just
a few days in, but there seems to be a lack of compelling storylines
here. Sure, the Micks are in front, and the Ruskies are also a good
story,(even with this little bit
of trouble
), everyone loves Kenny, and then the corporate twins,
Telefonica and Ericcson are good, and then….well, we’re not sure.
t’ll get interesting, we think, but in the words of Homer Simpson, "…I
want it now."

Photo of Green Dragon (the link above) is courtesy of
David Branigan.