PHRF Chumps, er, Champs

Chumps, er, Champs

We haven’t bitched about PHRF racing for a long time – what’s the point?
The system is flawed, the racing is often unfair due to bad ratings,
and the whole thing really looks lame from afar. The afar comes from
having spent the last year and half racing OD in the FT 10M class, and
after doing that, the notion of racing PHRF full time is a horror. For
example, we spent the summer racing Wet Wednesdays stuck in the same
PHRF class as the 50 and 60 footers, which was so lame and so typical
of the mismanagement of PHRF regattas. If not for the fun of racing
5 or so Tigers in the class, we would have been pissed. Instead, we
didn’t give a fuck about who won on corrected time because, well, it
just doesn’t really matter.

Whatever, it looks like other PHRF San Diego racers are pissed too
as a whopping 11 boats showed up for five classes at the San
Diego PHRF Championships
. That is 11 boats TOTAL. 2.2 boats per
class. Sure, San Diegans are largely lazy sailors who slack off half
the year anyway, lulled to mediocrity by banal conditions and mostly
marginal fleets, but ke-rist this regatta is really pathetic. There
is something fundamentally wrong with this picture, and we suspect it
points to a larger problem within the sport.