Sailing Anarchy FD Nationals!


Anarchy FD Nationals!

Anarchy and the International Flying Dutchman Class Association of the
United States are pleased to announce Sailing Anarchy as the title sponsor
the 2008 Flying Dutchman
Class US Nationals
. We like to be a part of events and classes that
we think make sense, and the FD is a cool boat and a class that has soldiered
on for decades. Gotta respect that history. The Olympic Flying Dutchman
class was for more than 30 years the focal point of technical development
in dinghy sailing, and the champions of sailing involved in the class
over the years are legendary. Following the end of the Olympic period
in 1992, the FD class contracted to a hard core of enthusiasts, shedding
much of the celebrity and press attention that had been its lot formerly.
The Standards of boat building and competition have not waned however,
in the US or elsewhere, with well attended local regattas, regional and
World championships hosted in many countries annually.

The 2008 Sailing Anarchy FD US Nationals to be held in Santa Cruz, CA
later this month is the finale of a series of North American regattas
leading up to the 2008 Worlds in Napier New Zealand in December. Five
US teams will go on to participate in the FD Worlds this year.

The west coast FD fleet has been growing strongly in recent years, centered
in the Bay area, but with activity extending from San Diego to Vancouver.
This fact combined with the contingent of World travelers from the east
coast means that the 2008 Nationals will be one of the best attended class
events in decades. There are also several Canadian and Mexican entries.
This is an historic indication of resurgent interest in the FD class in
those countries, which had strong participation during the Olympic period.
Watch for news reports of this watershed event on Sailing Anarchy, Oct
31st through Nov 2nd10/15/08