New Day



Finally the wind fills in from 8 to 10 with occassional puffs to 12 at
the 505
. It was the best conditions we’ve seen in over a week. The
first raced got off at noon in a onshore northerly with the left side
clearly favored. The American and Australian teams enjoyed the breeze
and held most of the top positions with the exception of Ian Pinnell of
GBR who has sailed amazing and has a strong grip on first place. We had
a solid race going and stayed in the top 5 the entire race. Felt really
good to sail in clear wind again and to wire run downwind. Ethan Bixby
and Eric Boothe got free and held on for the bullet.

For the second race the wind shifted right a bit and even more so half
way up the beat, which put us deep. Most teams weren’t able to string
together two solid races given the tight fleet and shifty conditions but
a few teams have. Howard Hamlin and Andy Zinn and Tyler Moore and Jesse
Falsone had two solid races and moved up to 2nd and 7th overall respectively.
Mike Martin and Jeff Nelson moved up to 6th overall. The racing is incredibly
tight and with the light air most teams are going the same speed which
makes passing very difficult.

Today is the lay day so most teams are off to do some sight seeing. The
weather is still warm and sunny just like every other day. Feels like
the movie Groundhog Day.

Kevin D. Taugher