Whales vs. Navy


vs. Navy

The Supreme Court justices seemed unconvinced Wednesday regarding
a decision on whether President George Bush can exempt the Navy from
federal environmental laws. The case is very important because it’s
related to the protection of whales against the Navy’s sonar training

The Supreme Court is currently reviewing a ruling that asked the
Navy to implement a series of precautions in order to diminish harm
to numerous species of whales and dolphins. On Wednesday, the Court’s
four justices expressed their skepticism about the fact that the Bush
administration did not issue an environmental impact statement before
sonar training exercises began off the southern California coast.

This is, without a doubt, the biggest environmental case that arose
during President Bush’s second term. According to environmentalist
groups, the intense sound waves used in sonar training exercises can
harm or in some cases even kill dozens of species of whales. The Navy’s
exercises interfere with the whales’ dive patterns causing them
severe harm.

Bush intervened after a judge issued a preliminary injunction
imposing numerous restrictions on the Navy. The President cited the
national security necessity and exempted the Navy from the environmental
laws. (We’re surprised the Chimp didn’t declare the whales were an imminent
threat and launch a preemptive war against them. – Ed). However, a United
States appeals court rejected the presidential move to exempt the Navy
from environmental laws and the administration appealed to the Supreme
Court and the justices seemed split over what decision to take.
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