T Hutch



There are a lot of good sailors in this sport, but not many
as consistently good as Terry Hutchinson. On the heels of his TP 52
Med Cup win on Quantum Racing, we figured it was time to talk.

SA: So you won the TP 52 Med Cup – a big deal for
sure, especially to you, Quantum and fellow TP sailors. Do you think
it’s a big deal to the rank and file?

TH: Winning
the Med Cup was great and I would like to think that it is a big deal
to the rank and file…. time will tell. However, this has to be
a good thing for the sailboat owner, sailmakers, and without question
to the professional sailor. Our goal was always to set out to win this
series but within that the professional sailors aboard were hired to
help Quantum develop their grand prix product in conjunction with Quantum’s
new design program. You can’t help but think that the more competition
there is among sailmakers the better the product the customer will receive.
North as a company makes great sails and I can say with confidence that
Quantum as a company makes great sails. I am not sure I would have been
able to make that statement a year ago. As with everything in life what
a difference a year makes!