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Three years ago Velocitek released the world’s first GPS sail training tool, creating what
has now become a whole new instrument category. Today Velocitek is shaking
things up again by releasing its own race replay application called
Velocitek SpeedPlay. Velocitek SpeedPlay is fully integrated with Velocitek
GPS devices to make the process of getting GPS data off a group of GPS
devices and formatted into a replay as fast and convenient as possible.
SpeedPlay allows USB hubs to be used to download GPS data from up to
21 Velocitek GPS devices in one batch. Once the data has been downloaded
race start and end times can be specified with a single mouse click
and marks can be added using a convenient drag and drop interface. As
an added bonus, when connected to the internet, detailed, accurate map
backgrounds are automatically imported into race replays from Microsoft
Virtual Earth, providing an interested geographical context for any
event. To learn more about Velocitek SpeedPlay, please visit the Velocitek
website, Velocitek.com.