Baba Bouwe



Our exclusive commentary from Bouwe Bekking:

What a huge cock-up, having a breakage after 2 hours of sailing! One
of the tiller arms had come apart, because of very bad bonding. The
good news is that part was sourced out to an external contractor, thank
God not the same as our boat builders.

The bad news is that the guy who built this part must have been smoking
something very special, as the job he did was just awful. He thought
it was OK, but about 25 layers of carbon didn’t stick together. It looked
very solid from the outside, and I don’t know why it had been holding
up till now, but that is now history…….. We got done badly
and now have to deal with it.

Luckily we had spare one, built at another place! Of course the stop
was painful, and we will be trailing the fleet for a long time, but
at least we know we still have a long way to go, we will not give up
until the finish.


Bouwe Bekking