Virtually Useless



sincerely hope that this has
been designed and constructed with a hell of a lot more thought than this.
Because, if it is from the same school of design, I’ll be buying
a bike. Never in the annals of serious game design has so much crap been
foisted on the general public by a multi national company who should have
known better. In a plush office somewhere on the icy Lap border must sit
an overpaid executive happily rubbing his hands together at the thought
of 16000 schmucks who were conned into signing up (and some even paying
no less) for a game interface which would bore the pants off of a three
year old in 5 minutes flat.

Grumpy old bastard I hear you shout. Well, Yes and No. First of all, the
should have been an all pay or an all free affair because by
allowing the cheque book or credit card to enable you to buy your way
out of trouble makes for a very uneven playing field and I can guarantee
that with a 5 dollar entry fee for everyone they would have made a lot
more income from the game than they will from the paltry few who actually
have decided to pay so far.