The Real World


Real World

You love sailing. You’ve sacrificed money, relationships, brain cells
and opportunities in life to go sailing. Your world revolves around
it. That’s great – too bad the real world doesn’t. In fact, the real
world barely acknowledges that sailing even exists, and if sailing was
to disappear tomorrow, the real world wouldn’t bat an eye. It would
simply get back to getting fat and wondering what time “Deal or
No Deal” comes on the telly, at least here in the States. And
therein lays the problem for not only the sport, in terms of its popularity,
but specific to this article, the success of a sailing movie.

And even if that movie is made by a passionate sailor and media giant
such as Roy Disney, the task remains: get the slob in Iowa to pull his
lard ass off the couch, pry his video addicted troglodyte kids from
their Game Boys, yank his bovine wife away from watching “Dr.
Phil”, and go to the theater to see Morning Light.