Magic Kingdom



Mark Michaelsen gives his take on the new Disney movie Morning
Light. The Ed will give a slightly different twist on Friday.

Sailing has often been described as more boring than watching paint dry
or grass grow. Sid Morris and the boys at ProSail made a valiant attempt
in the late 1980s to bring sailing to the masses with fast boats and good
venues. ProSail didn’t make it and to a great extent even the "Oldest
trophy in all of sports" (The America’s Cup) has failed to get traction
with the general public. With an elitist reputation and wind that is often
undependable the action just hasn’t been there on a consistent basis and
action what most people want to see when they are watching machines (Cars,
boats, motorcycles etc). All of these factors add up to make sailing a
less than appealing subject line from which to create a major motion picture.
What could Roy Disney and Leslie DeMeuse possibly have had in mind when
they took their neighbor Tom Pollack’s idea to marry TransPac 52’s and
an offshore race than spectators can only see for about an hour on either
end of the TransPac race course during the ten days of competition?