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New advertiser comes on board the proper way: Free beer for Anarchists
at the Annapolis Boat Show Sat. evening…

is having its coming out party on the docks in Annapolis and
SA has the worldwide scoop on two new groundbreaking performance cruising
catamarans. Over the next couple of weeks the Moxie website will be posting
details of sail trials and build reports for the M37 "Island Hopper",
an open bridge deck cat with civilized appointments that will go 18 knots,
tack thru 90 degrees and is beachable.

The M37 showing at Annapolis features all-carbon spars including a
rotating wingmast sporting a fully battened fathead main sail. The jib
is self tacking and the forward cockpit arrangement makes the whole
package easy to use. At only 7,000 lbs., this performance cruiser should
turn some heads during demo trials.