Wrong Way



dramatic day on the waterat the 2008
Bermuda Gold Cup
today saw us finish the day with just 1 win from
3 matches, leaving us on 3 wins and 3 losses. We had three very close
races, and were displaying some spectacular boat handling, but with some
umpire calls not going our way it just wasn’t enough to ensure a
spot in the top 4. Once again small mistakes mean that we are facing a
must win match tomorrow against Areva skipper Sebastian Col who has already
qualified into the quarters with 4 wins under his belt. Although Col is
sailing well, today’s matches proved that we are moving in the right
direction to make it through to the next round, so we will be able to
approach tomorrow’s race with confidence.

Our 3rd match of the day against Johnnie Berntesson from Sweden was
an exciting match which saw three penalties given. We lead around the
track, but had to clear a penalty after Berntesson had luffed us at
the starting line, so slowed down at the final top mark to try and suck
him into a trap. We managed to pull the manoeuvre off, wiping our penalty
and still maintaining a marginal lead. We then gybed onto starboard
and attacked Berntesson again, however during the manoeuvre Torvar slipped
and dislocated his knee cap. With nobody steering we rounded up into
his stern and were given another penalty. We still had control of Berntesson,
but were then given a second penalty after the umpires deemed us to
be sailing above our proper course, which allowed him to sail freely
to the finish line. A special thanks to Line7, Harken and the Royal
Perth Yacht Club for their support.