Yes, No?


Thébault, skipper of Hydroptère, and Christophe Simian,
manager of France’s Canal Des Saintes Maries de la Mer, where so
many records have been set by windsurfers, have sent congratulations to
new world speed sailing record holder, Alexander Caizergues. Topping 50
knots on water has to take a lotta bottle, whatever you do it in, but
Anarchists are divided on whether a kite boarder should hold a sailing
record. The discussion is here.

Luderitz is likely to only get a couple more days that will give the
kite boarders a chance to lift the record still higher, then we can
watch Hydroptère trying to take it in something that
looks a bit more like a boat and behaves a lot more like one, since
it can stay afloat wherever the wind comes from.

This weekend, Thébault topped the magic 50, in a short burst,
with 52.86 knots. It was the first time a boat had gone that fast, but
still a long way off Sebastien Cattelan’s busrt of 58.30. That
said, Hydroptère is getting faster by the day even though adverse
wind directions on the planned record attempt course have kept Thébault
and Co to the training area. Things are starting to look more promising
now, so we will see. Latest kite pix here & Hydroptère pix here.
This pic by Photo Gilles