Big Screen



had a chance to see the Disney premier of Morning
last night, and it is a must see for any sailor. Kind of
hard to believe that real sailboat racing has made it to a major motion
picture, but here it is. Here’s some of that good Hollywood PR from our
friends at Disney:

Fifteen young sailors… six months of intense training… one
chance at the brass ring. This exciting true-life documentary tells the
inspiring story of a group of intrepid and determined young men and women,
on the cusp of adulthood, as they embark on life’s first great adventure.
Racing a high-performance 52-foot sloop in the TRANSPAC, the most revered
of open-ocean sailing competitions, the crew of “Morning Light”
matches wits and skills in a dramatic 2500 mile showdown against top professionals.
From their earliest training sessions in Hawaii conducted by world-class
teachers through their test of endurance on the high seas, they form an
unbreakable bond in the process of becoming a singular team that is greater
than the sum of its parts. Directed and edited by two of the key filmmakers
responsible for the recent rock documentary “Amazing Journey: The
Story of the Who,” Morning
will appeal to the sense of adventure in everyone. 1