Mine’s Bigger


by AC Anarchy, you might think there’s just one gigantic new tri
in the world, but the fact is the humongous Banque Populaire V has just
completed its second set of sea trials and been baptised in Nantes. The
baptism came at the end of 5 days of celebrations that involved the entire
Banque Populaire fleet, except for its Figaro that Jeanne Gregoire is
racing round the Med, the Pen Duicks, a dedicated village and around 100,
000 people who visited! Those Brittany guys sure know how to put on a
show, where it comes to anything to do with boats and the sea, and the
baptism was no exception. The honours were done, amid a fantastic firework
display, by the boat’s godfather, actor and producer Jacques Perrin,
who produced that great film about the life of Eric Tabarly. There are
pix of the ceremony and the sea trials here We especially liked this unusual Yvan Jedda bird’s eye view.