Magic Wand



More and more ordinary sailors are getting drawn into the world
of foilers – this question for our “Ask Someone” feature
comes from Doyle Sherman. We sent the question to our long time anarchist Bora
“The Explorer” Gulari
, who just won the International
Moth US Nationals with an all-bullet performance in Cascade Locks, Oregon
as well as the Melges 24 Fall Championship in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Q: “Hey,
I have been watching the foiler boats as of late. The Int Moth, the
Mirbaud LX Foiler, etc. Question: What is the item dragging in the water
off the bow? Is it some sort of turbulence stimulator? The Mirbaud LX
seems to have TWO of them, perhaps at the edge of a keel foil. Is that
true, and why is it necessary? Thanks very much! -Heavy displacement
sailor, Doyle the barefoot sailor