Class Action



Bouwe Bekking checks in, post his in port success, and pre the
real deal.

That was cool stuff to win both races on the first in port event! Of course
you dream of that kind of things, but realizing it is something else.

We saw already during the practice race that both boats are quick,
and the same happened during the racing. We seem to be able to overtake
boats once a race is underway. So the sailing and shore team are relieved,
but above all there was a huge smile on Pat Shaughnessy’ s (Farr
design office) face. It is always easy to hammer a designer, but we
sometimes forget to give them credit when they have done a good job.
Of course it is early days, but it looks like we don’t have two
donkey’s, and it is nice that we don’t have the atmosphere
of: it is going to be a long race around the world, which I assume is
going through some of the heads of other competitors.

We have invested heavily in our design development, and all in the
Farr office were closely involved, maybe up to SA to ask them what things
they all have been doing… I can’t say a word, because of
my agreements with them, but if Farr wants to give a little inside info,
I can guarantee it is interesting reading material.

Now the boat is out of the water, doing some tickle ups and final clean
and then we will load the boat tomorrow, a short sail on wednesday and
then lock her up. How is the weather looking? Light and shity for the
first couple of hundred miles, but that is right now.


6th October 2008