Mind the Gap


the Gap

was the gap – well 63 seconds if you want to nitpick – between
Erwan Taberly, first to cross the Figaro Cap Istanbul leg 4 finish and
Gildas Morvan who was second. Erwan had a nerve biting last few hours;
in his own words “It was a really great leg with some harsh conditions.
It’s fantastic to win a race in the breeze. The best part of all
was the magical big surf in 35 knots of wind amidst the Cyclades! The
first night was really lively, pinned to the helm under spinnaker. I had
a good lead and then all of a sudden the wind just died. In the space
of half an hour, I saw my closest rivals eating into my lead, but fortunately
I was the first to get going again. It’s always stressful to have
a racer like Gildas on your tail, but it’s also highly motivating.”

Gildas said, “I have to say that sailing here is a lot more demanding
than in the Atlantic. The wind is never steady for more than ten minutes;
you have to trim constantly and not let yourself fall asleep… It’s
crazy!” He admitted to getting just 20 minutes of sleep during the
36 hours on the water! Tough guys these Figaro sailors. Pic by Jacques
Vapillon. More here.
Full story here.