Out With The Old


Out With The Old

The Mumm 30 Worlds finished up on Saturday in Newport, RI after
a week of great competition and monster breeze. The people marketing the
30 seem to have given up on the growth of the Class in the US, but those
who’ve sailed them will always love this sweet boat – even if its
mostly destined for the land of PHRF racing from now on. You can check
out the play by play in
the thread
, or check out this report from the final two days of racing,
courtesy of our pal Suider (with pics from Andrew Palfrey):

Day 3
Bear with me. Today was rough all around.Before
I get into any stories let me just call out 2 boats in particular: Optimum
is clearly rocking it. they have put together one hell of a regatta
and really have shown their class. going in to tomorrow they are 11
points up on BM and sailing well. the other boat i would really like
to give props to is adrenalin. these guys have really been clicking
all series, they are truly corinthian and are currently in 7th place.
they are an awesome group of guys and gals and they deserve this regatta
and i hope tomorrow bears out well for them.

sadly, our hopes of a top ten finish for all intents and purposes ended
today with the demise of our spin pole in race 1. The breeze was on
and we hit a broach that we just couldn’t pull out of. it is frustrating
as hell, as we have fought to stay in striking distance of that goal,
and to have breakdowns play a factor in a couple races really bums us
out. All that being said, we are still in decent spirits and we are
better off than a broken rig or a severely holed boat.