…In With The Old

With The Old

favorite Super Mario Brother – Peter “Luigi” Reggio – celebrated
his 59th birthday this weekend as he was PRO’ing the Mumm 30 Worlds.
Class organizer Geoff Stagg announced Reggio’s birthday on the loudspeaker
at the beer tent, saying that he was turning 75 – the funny thing
is that plenty of those present believed him!

Reggio is so respected by the yachting world not because he is infallible,
or because he can smell a windshift from ten miles off. No – Luigi is
beloved and admired (and obeyed) because he works his ass off, refuses
to take shit from whinging sailors, and whenever he makes a mistake,
he admits it and moves on – something that every RC should learn.
From those of us who cram as much living into every day as we can, we
congratulate Luigi on yet another year of hard work, endless travel,
and seizing the day – as he told us last night, “I guess
that I cheated death again.”

Keep cheating, brother.