Round Up


Gaff Wins

Voiles de St Tropez has Modern and Classic classes and the former includes
some very impressive yachts, starting with no less than nine Wallys and
Senso One, formerly Mari Cha IV, which would indeed be sensational in
any other setting. The fact is though that if you ask just about any St
Tropez visitor, whether they are there in a boat, or just strolling along
the quays, why they have come they will tell you “To see Lulworth,
Shamrock, Altair, Mariette ….” It seems that, in some respects,
carbon fibre, roller reefing and stainless steel don’t stand a chance
when up against wood, great blocks and man power! This Lulworth pic is
by Carlo Borlenghi, and there are more of the same right here.


All That’s Left

Angulo stole the show on day 5 of the PWA World Cup event, in Sylt, Germany,
winning the second round of racing and claiming his first ever elimination
victory. A surprisingly large crowd braved rain and chill winds, on a
day that sometimes became as dark as night. They were also treated to
the start of the wave single elimination, which saw seven heats completed
in onshore conditions that some described as “testing”. Others,
who took a beating in the now notorious shore line surf, had stronger
terms for Sylt’s vicious seas. Matt Wemms’ face says it all,
as he tramps up the beach with what’s left of his rig! Pic by John
Carter. More here.