Fossett Found?


We’ve always thought that there was something quite amiss
with the Steve Fossett disappearance. Perhaps this story gets us closer
to the truth?

The call came last night. A story from a friend about a ski shop
owner hiking in the mountains off trail above Mammoth Lakes California
near the area of Minaret Lake and Minaret Mine. Apparently the man came
across what appeared to be some papers lying in a remote path, but what
he may have found wasn’t some wayward trash left by a careless
camper. Tattered and crumpled on the ground, the Mammoth Lakes local
found what appears to be two FAA cards that listed the name Steve Fossett,
both were apparently either issued or had some sort of connection to
the State of Illinois. The two cards were found with a small amount
of money and not far away, a sweat jacket, also a bit worn and beaten
up from the weather.