Bad Math



Brutal conditions,
Busted gear, Bad arithmetic
I14 Nationals Long Distance Race

I14 US nats wound up Sunday with a 15 mile long distance race around
San Francisco bay. The day started with a started with a race 1 triangle-sausage
– then for race 2 of the day, the #7 pennant came out signaling
the bay tour long distance race. The breeze was in the high teens on
the left side of the course, and lighter on the right in the lee of
Angel Island. The course was a windward – leeward around the inflatable
marks on the Richmond course – then up around Angel Island leaving
the Pt. Blunt buoy to stbd – then down thru raccoon straits, all
the way down to the tanker pier – then back to finish by the RYC.

We started well and were in the mix with the front boats at the top
mark, then at the jibe for the bottom mark it was a big gust to maybe
20, and in the 3 meter water the waves were stacking up – at this
point we blew the jibe and joined several others for a swim.