Storm in a Teacup


in a Teacup

Like many Anarchistas, I have followed Lionel Lemonchois and the crew
of Gitana 13 on their stop-and-go voyage around the world. I think it
is wonderful that a big sponsored boat has finally gone around the world
on a route off the beaten track and actually had the panache to break
minor records, stop in exotic ports and enjoy the sights! Mon dieu, next
they will be demanding real food and wine on board instead of freeze-dried
gruel and instant coffee!

I hate to be the curmudgeon (doesn’t everyone? – Ed), but,
the mention of drink reminds me of a small but significant error that
regrettably cancels out their entire magnificent six-week effort! The
Gitana team always referred to this course as the Tea Route, yet there
was no mention of taking so much as a single tea bag on board the catamaran
in China. Amongst all those progress reports–no mention of a single
cuppa tea warming the crew on a cold night….