Cruzing Again


Cruzing Again

We are following the rebirth of Santa Cruz Yachts here on SA,
in no small part because a lot of us have spent a lot of time sailing
Santa Cruz’s 27′-70′. Their boats in many ways defined a generation
of sailing, certainly on the West Coast of Cali. Tom Slade is the new
principal of the new Santa Cruz Yachts, so we pinged a few questions
his way. Enjoy.

SA: You are essentially resurrecting a brand, Santa
Cruz Yachts. Why, and why this one?

TS: Santa Cruz Yachts has been an important contributor
to the idea of sailing faster. If you review the accomplishments of
the yachts built by Santa Cruz, you can imagine the smiles generated.
The company was in need of a bit of help. So we have taken on the task
of building a new generation of Santa Cruz Yachts. We think it is an
important thing to do.